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Grant Elementary School, which is located in the south-central part of Fremont, Nebraska, is a K-4 setting which uses an alternative calendar in order to extend learning opportunities to students, lessen ‘summer learning loss’, and increase achievement. It is a School wide Title I building. Programs that are offered to our 180 students include Title I, Reading Recovery and Special Education. The staff includes 10 classroom teachers, a special education teacher, and a Reading Recovery/Title I teacher, along with a variety of special area personnel. The PTA is very active in supporting school purposes. Grant School has been certified by the National PTA as a Parent Involvement School of Excellence. Mr. Greg Borland is the current principal.

The school’s ‘continuous learning calendar’ is based on a modified single-track, 45/15 (45 days of school, 15 days break) schedule. Each quarter is approximately 41-42 days in length followed by an intersession break of 10-15 days. Intersession breaks offer optional ‘extended learning opportunities’ and vacation to our students. Note: ‘Morning Extended learning Opportunities’ are offered for a total of twenty days throughout the year.

Morning (8:00–11:00) intersession activities are available to approximately forty eligible students in grades one through five. Eligibility is determined by using a triangulation of data process using assessment, classroom performance, and teacher recommendation. Prioritization occurs when more than 40 students meet the criteria for eligibility. Registration letters are sent to the parent/s of eligible students. Participation is optional, but if the parent/s register the child, daily attendance is expected. Extended learning opportunities focus on readers workshop, writers workshop, spelling and math skill-building in a multi-age environment. Certified teachers and instructional para-professionals are able to provide this service through flexible scheduling.

Afternoon (1:00–3:00) intersession activities are available to all students in kindergarten through grade four. Enrollment for the ‘high interest, student friendly’ activities is not as limited as the morning and can be as high as 100 students or more. However, a student may be put on a waiting list if numbers become too large. Registration letters are sent to the parent/s of all students and participation is voluntary. Participation lists are developed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Groupings for the afternoon activities are by primary grades, intermediate grades, and multi-aged (K-4). Many community organizations and individuals provide high interest, student friendly ‘extended learning opportunities’ during the afternoon sessions. Some examples are: Midland Lutheran College, Fremont Parks and Recreation, Grant PTA, Fremont Police Department, Zoo Mobile, Keene Library, Food 4 Less, Fremont Public Schools, Fremont Tribune, 4H/UNL Cooperative Extension Office, Fremont Art association, Channel 6, KHUB/KFMT Radio, Fremont Area Community Foundation and many individuals.

Data indicates positive signs of achievement growth. Teachers have indicated that they have spent less time reviewing, are further ahead in the curriculum than previous years, and that students seem ready to learn after each intersession break.

Information about intersession attendance numbers and advantages of a continuous learning environment are available.   Please contact Greg Borland, Principal, at (402) 727-3171 or for additional information about the 'Continuous Learning Calendar ', an alternative calendar for student learning.

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